Attending a Mardi-Gra themed birthday party celebration of a former Maury High Cheerleader alumni.  It was a fabulous night.  

A night out on the water in Downtown Norfolk!

Lynne Ruffin photo

Life is a challenge and I am thankful God has aligned my path with some people that are bigger than my obstacles.  He has allowed me to attend some events, visit some places, and network with the wealthy when I didn't even have a cent in my pocket.  He has blessed me with opportunities time and time again.  His grace and mercy is everlasting.  One of my biggest joys and I don't have a favorite just not the time and money to show my love and appreciation for everyone in my life.  But please check out my little man's page, Keith, my youngest grandson.  My grandmother used to say ugly people are photogenic.  He is the best model I have ever had the pleasure of photographing who actually is receptive to me taking photos of him.  Godspeed!  Keith is one of my hearts and all my grands are my favorites.  

Lynne Ruffin

AGE: 56
HOMETOWN: Norfolk, Virginia