Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Lynne Ruffin and I am a native of Norfolk, Virginia.  

I am a mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and a true friend who believes in the sanctity of friendship.  By faith I am a Baptist.  I am a very grateful person.  I have found that being thankful and grateful t helps to master the challenges of life being mindful of God's grace.

This pandemic with all the shutdowns has been something else to say the least.  It has afforded me the opportunity to sign up for some websites that I did not even know about before.  I've basically had to weather the pandemic alone.  Blessed that God is in control:  yesterday, today, and always.

I decided to give my website a overhaul.  I plan to do stuff that is a whole lot more engaging.  

What I plan to do first is share some of the websites that have been an inspiration to me over the past year.  During my down time I was able to explore sites that offered greater incentives on saving money.  Apps on Android and the iPhone seem to offer so much more nowadays.  It is like companies are competing to get the attention of consumers over their competition.

My goal this summer is to help others get inspired in creating their own websites.  One of my profound beliefs is that the Internet has the capacity to level the playing field for businesses and entities of all sizes.   Just having a basic understanding can help in many facets of life.