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Your Perfect Partner for Your New View on Life

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The New Home Process 

Come out and find out everything you need to know to get started on moving into the next stage of your life.


What to Look for in Your New Home 

Have you ever looked at an interior design magazine and wondered, "How do I make my house look like that?" Find out now.


House-Viewing Caravan 

Join a group to check out the latest listings in our area. Connect with others going through the same process you are!

Ongoing events

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I am always looking to build a group of real estate agents I mentor in the business and to expand my pool of talent. I prefer passionate, dedicated, affable people who love working with clients to make their home-owning dreams a reality.

Let me mentor you in becoming a real estate agent

  • Work with a tech savvy agent
  • Mentor with over 20 years in the business
  • The prestige of working with an established agency.
  • Tutelage from experienced agents

Lynne Ruffin would love help you to connect with Century 21 Nachman Realty as a dynamic place to start your real estate career.  I urge you to call me and let's chat over a cup of coffee.  Give me a call I would love to mentor you as you grow in the business.   

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I bring excellence to the buying experience.

I have an in-depth understanding of the market you're looking at. I go beyond traditional real estate agency scopes and evaluate the value of your home, including those special aspects of living somewhere beautiful.

When you're looking to choose a place to settle, make sure it's the best investment. 


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